Celebrating Excellence: Bulgarian Wines Shine at LA International Wine Competition

Bulgarian Wines Earn Gold, Silver, and Bronze at Prestigious LA International Wine Competition

[San Francisco - June 13, 2024] – Kristova Family Partners is proud to announce that exceptional Bulgarian wines from three producers recently took home Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the esteemed Los Angeles International Wine Competition. The competition stacked Bulgarian wines against Champagne, Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa Valley entries in organic, sparkling, red, white, rosé, and dessert wine categories.  These awards underscore the significant strides that Bulgarian winemaking has achieved since joining NATO (2004) and the EU (2007).  

Bulgaria's wine industry is experiencing a Renaissance by reviving ancient vines and using modern viticultural practices. Among the indigenous ancient grape varieties are Mavrud and Melnik. More contemporary varieties, Dimiat (for white wines), Rubin and Bouquet (for rosé), and international varieties, are cultivated to produce wines of exceptional quality and character.

In your glass, these wines capture the Thracian Valley’s unique terroir, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, and Balkan Mountains. The divergence of moderate continental and Mediterranean climates provides freshness from acidity and ripeness, thanks to more than 200 sunny days per year. This international award recognition underscores the superior quality, meticulous winemaking process, and unique sense of place these wines embody. 

“Today, U.S. wine drinkers are more interested in wines from other places worldwide. Younger drinkers are also looking for organic and sustainably produced wines. That’s everything Bulgaria has to offer,” says Deanne Travis, co-founder of the mother-and-daughter wine importer Kristova Family Partners. Retailers looking to attract a new wave of wine enthusiasts and Sommeliers seeking to broaden their wine lists will find these Bulgarian wines intriguing and valuable additions. 

The wines that earned these prestigious accolades include:

Edoardo Miroglio

  • Gold Medal Brut Rosé 2014 Sparkling Wine, PDO Nova Zagora, Thracian Valley (Pinot Noir)
  • Gold Medal Brut 2013 Sparkling Wine,  PDO Nova Zagora, Thracian Valley (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay)
  • Silver Medal Bio Viognier & Traminer 2022, Thracian Valley
  • Silver Medal Bio Mavrud & Rubin 2020, Thracian Valley
  • Silver Medal Bio Rosé of Bouquet, Mavrud & Melnik 2022, Thracian Valley
  • Silver Medal Reserve Elenovo Mavrud  2015, PDO Nova Zagora, Thracian Valley


  • Silver Medal Rubin 2017, Thracian Valley

Villa Yustina

Bronze Medal Late Harvest Gewurztraminer 2015, Thracian Valley


Experience the excellence of Bulgarian winemaking. Cheers to quality, tradition, and award-winning taste!

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