Villa Yustina

Villa Yustina cherishes the winemaking traditions from their region. Always looking for new ways to reinvent Bulgarian wine, Villa Yustina makes an end product that is highly modern, technically sound, and utterly fantastic. We love watching this incredible property as they continue to push the region to new heights.

Villa Yustina is situated near the Rhodope Mountain range in the village of Ustina. The winery location was chosen because of the region's significant Thracian wine history dating back 5000 years. Ustina has a humid continental climate. Although the regional soil is mainly clay (suitable for red varieties), most of their vineyards are actually calcareous, providing excellent conditions for white varieties. Villa Yustina is dedicated to providing year-round employment for the people involved in viticulture, most of which are local villagers.

In addition to growing grapes for wine, they own land which is used to grow essential crops and fruit trees. The property includes a fishing pond, bird menagerie, as well as a large-scale farm where they raise the rare Boer goat breed.

The winemaking facility is remarkably modern, but the inspiration is traditional. This region of the Thracian valley has been a major winemaking area for centuries, as it also was the location of the ancient Thracian capital, Besapara.

Modern. Genuine. Dedicated.

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